Thursday, November 7, 2013

Seattle's Best Coffee 2014 Dream Journal

It's that time of the year again when people flock to their favorite coffee shops more often than they do to collect stickers and redeem limited edition planners and journals.

What's so special about these writing materials, anyway? While stupefied people continue covering their ears and rant the impracticality of collecting stickers for a free writing material, let me tell you why some people do so.

The ultimate reason why people want these sorts of planners and journals is because it's their way of showing their loyalty to the coffee brand they like. Another reason is that there are a lot of perks and features in these materials that are not normally found in planners / journals sold at educational supplies.

After visiting coffee shops and checking out their planners / journals, I have to say that Seattle's Best Coffee (SBC) has more perks and features.

The SBC 2014 Dream Journal is a whole new material that will accompany the user through the year 2014. It comes in four cover colors: peach, charcoal gray, brown and purple.

What's inside the Seattle's Best Coffee (SBC) 2014 Dream Journal? Here's a complete view of everything in it.

The cover is made out of fine leather.

The front part of the cover boasts two textures. Most of it, starting from the left is ornamented with engraved circles and oblongs of different sizes, which feels so good in the hands. These shapes give the holder a good grip.

The part at the right looks simple yet sophisticated. It holds the magnetic metal lock which has 'SBC' printed on it.

The back part of the cover has the same texture with the right side front cover. Beautifully engraved at the bottom is the logo of Seattle's Best Coffee.

The journal is about one inch thick.

The first page boasts the brand logo with some details about it in a brick red background. The paper is a thick, glossy one that is obviously expensive to use as a page of a planner.

The second spread is full of colors and graphics. The third page is where the owner of the planner leaves his/her personal details for easy identification.

The third spread contains a calendar of the year 2014 and a CD compilation of music of which SBC will play at its branches throughout 2014.

The playlist includes 'Sunday Morning', 'One Thing', 'Insomia' and 'Vanilla Twilight'.

The forth spread comes with a pouch. Inserted in it is a double beverage coaster designed with a cup labeled 'SBC' which  is emitting smoke and a logo of SBC.

Let's start talking about the months! Aside from the one-page-whole-year calendar, SBC has dedicated twelve pages of uniquely illustrated art to highlight the significance of all of the months of 2014.

At the back of each month page, is an extended flop with a quote at the upper left side and a recommended drink to try at the lower right side. This flop covers the bigger, empty calendar. Sweet!

And now for February! My birth-month!











Most of the pages come with surprise quotes about coffee and how it relates to life and living (figuratively and literally speaking).

A heart-shape metal bookmark with an engraved 'Seattle's Best Coffee' shines as it hits the light when you turn to the last few pages. Its curves are intricately cut which doesn't make it sharp. The space from the inner and outer curve of the metal is just enough that when you use the bookmark, it doesn't slip away easily at the same time, it doesn't leave the paper with creases.

The next spread contains a pad of envelopes and a copy of the menu of Seattle's Best Coffee.

There are ten miniature foldable envelopes. You can use them to send a cute date invitation to your workmate, a reminder for a friend or a short thoughtful letter for mom. 

The next spread contains a list of the branches of SBC all over the country and a bunch of coupons to claim every month! How great is that?

What's the best thing about the coupons in SBC journals? Unlike all of the planners and journals being given away by coffee shops, the SBC 2014 Dream Journal coupons are the only ones that are claimable without purchase requirement! Now that's a real coupon!

The next spread contains the terms of the coupons and some stickers.

A page full of colorful stickers to play with.

The second-to-the-last page is the 2015 calendar.

The last page shows that gratitude of Seattle's Best Coffee to the owner of the 2014 Dream Journal.

Other reasons why you have to get yourself a Seattle's Best Coffee 2014 Dream Journal:

  • To compute, there is at least Php3000.00 worth of freebies in the 2014 Dream Journal.
  • The blank leaves of the journal are not dated so you can jot down however long you want to.
  • The pages are absolutely adjustable because it comes together with the use of metal rings. Add important papers by simple punching wholes and attaching them to the rings, refill the pages if you need more and most importantly, reuse the entire cover to lessen waste.

What I'm talking to you my dear readers is the Seattle's Best Coffee 2014 Dream Journal. They don't call it Dream Journal for no reason.

Let me just repeat my lines above. Those are the reasons why a lot of people collect stickers to redeem such kind of planner/journal.

So how can you get one?
  1. Start collecting your 18 stickers from Oct 24, 2013 - Jan 15, 2013
  2. One sticker is given after one purchase of a SBC hand customized drinks (bottled drinks are not included)
  3. 18 complete stickers will entitle you to get a FREE SBC Dream Journal, that's 8 holiday drink stickers and 10 regular stickers
  4. Redemption of the SBC Dream Journal is up to March 16, 2014 only
The Seattle's Best Coffee 2014 Dream Journal is absolutely the journal to have! With all its perks and features, you'll ask for nothing more. I will let Seattle's Best Coffee 2014 Dream Journal accompany me in my journey next year. How about you?


  1. Interesting SBC planner. Perfect gift this holiday. :D

  2. how much if you will buy the journal?


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