Saturday, December 28, 2013

Good Breakfasts at Taman Sari

How would you define a good breakfast? Well, for me, the food has to be delicious, the place has to be comfortable and most importantly, I have to be served well by the staff. These three are just a few of the hallmarks that Taman Sari Restaurant of Hotel Istana possess.

The place is always almost full during mornings. I wouldn't be surprised if people would tag it as one of the must-try buffet restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

TheAtrium Cafe and Lounge: A Gastronomical Tour Around Asia

Both picky and adventurous eaters will find the food of their desires at TheAtrium. It's a place where iconic Asian dishes are served.

The Atrium is not the kind of place you would visit for setting and presentation, but the place for food variation. It does not look cluttered, but the place could look a little messy once the crowd comes in.

A Delightful Dinner at Azur Putrajaya Shangri-La

I’m saying it now. The dinner I had at Putrajaya Shangri-La was absolutely delicious—so much I wanted another round.

Exhausted by the day’s activities, I asked myself for nothing more than to retreat to my room in Hotel Istana. But I felt invigorated the moment our tour guide mentioned our bus was heading to Putrajaya Shangri-La. I knew that we were going to eat dinner at Putrajaya—I did not know it’s a Shangri-La.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Christmas Season is the most wonderful time of the year. It is traditionally celebrated with the people we love and so I'm wondering why the heck you're reading this thing. You're not supposed to be online right now.

What I'm saying is, you go online for many hours a day. Christmas is only one time so go ahead, leave your devices, be with your family or friends. Enjoy the moment. Let the good times happen and sink in you. Update your social media accounts next day.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Restoran Muar: Know Malaysia in Two Hours

Knowing an unfamiliar culture is a challenge every traveler faces. There are many ways to crush the ignorance but the best way would be trying out their dish. This is also the reason why I enjoy tasting various cuisines to get to know people- their lifestyle, capabilities and goals.

Malaysia, a vibrant destination with a diverse cultures and traditions is the first ever foreign country I've visited. The wide variety of cooking styles and cultural influences make its food simply unique.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Marco Polo Plaza Cebu's Festive Season Buffet 2013

Santa Claus, glaring lights, flashing tree. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! With these signs coming out for display around the city, come the most exciting buffet of the year at Marco Polo Plaza Cebu- the Festive Season Buffet 2013!

Make your holidays extra special with good companion and of course, great food! Leave your worries away. You deserve nothing more than the best food and company after a year of hard work.

Monday, December 9, 2013

AirAsia Zest's Pan De Ulam

Traveling on air can be a tiring and famishing thing to do. Good thing AirAsia Zest's inflight menu offers passengers a selection of satisfying meals to feed cravings while in the skies.

Pan De Ulam is AsiaAsia Zest's snack for the riders who just can't stand sitting and doing nothing. It's a soft Pan de Sal (bread) stuffed with your choice of filling. An assortment of Chicken asado, Adobo, Tuna, Bistek Tagalog, Pizza and Corned Beef can be chosen for your filling.
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