Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sugbusog 2014 - Street Food Classics Dos

In the continuation of its quest to discover and serve the best food in Cebu, and in response to the resounding success of last year, Marco Polo Plaza Cebu brings you Sugbusog 2014 - Street Food Classics Dos.

Dine on the heritage cuisine of Cebu in a five-star setting. Feast on Kinilaw, Balot, Kwek-Kwek, the all time Cebuano favourite, Humba, the most popular Lechon de Cebu, and a lot more. Enjoy all the Filipino street food that you are so fond of, or have always wanted to try in one spread!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Getting Rid of the Holiday Guilt

You are devouring your second plate for lunch. Before you finish it, you plan to overwhelm yourself with a cool dessert waiting in the freezer of your aunt's house. Your friend invites you to have dinner at his place and because you know that it's always a good meal when it's prepared by his mom, you affirmed by replying to his sms.

You continue to eat and suddenly you remember that you're going to have dinner with your family. You're mother is preparing all of her specialities because of the Christmas Season. You plan to eat dinner twice so as not to dissappoint any of the parties.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome 2014!

What a bountiful 2013 we had! We experienced so many adventures, learned so many lessons, grabbed so many opportunities and met so many new friends! Time has come to end its term, but we, for sure, will not forget the memories we had in it.

Foodie Craft welcomes 2014 with food celebrations you'll all love! I invite you to join the gastronomical journey to a whole new level. Every month, you'll be getting personal posts, reviews of packed foods and more exciting and new features of the site.

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