Saturday, January 4, 2014

Getting Rid of the Holiday Guilt

You are devouring your second plate for lunch. Before you finish it, you plan to overwhelm yourself with a cool dessert waiting in the freezer of your aunt's house. Your friend invites you to have dinner at his place and because you know that it's always a good meal when it's prepared by his mom, you affirmed by replying to his sms.

You continue to eat and suddenly you remember that you're going to have dinner with your family. You're mother is preparing all of her specialities because of the Christmas Season. You plan to eat dinner twice so as not to dissappoint any of the parties.

At you friend's house, you ate so much as if there was no tomorrow. At home, you ate just as much, as if it was the first round of dinner for the night. You were so fed up, you felt like puking. It didn't happen anyway but you felt so sleepy after the meal- all you wanted to do was retreat to your room and get some sleep. What a pig.

Does this story sound familiar to you? Maybe not, but are there similarities in the story that you find in your holiday vacation? I believe most of us have been eating so much during the holidays. We can't blame ourselves because it's that time of the year when the best dishes of mom, your aunt or even your friend's relatives are served on the table.

We joyfully eat these dishes. There's no problem with that but in the next few weeks, you begin to feel the agony that your desire to delight yourself with food has resulted. You grow big and you torment yourself for having been such a pig weeks back.

Unfortunately, the rants and crying won't slim you down. The only solution to this matter is to perspire. What's the easiest and fastest way to perspire? Exercise.

Whether you like it or not, you will not slim down or get the body you always wanted to have since last year if you won't exercise everyday starting today. And oh, before I forget, couple your exercise with a balanced diet. Nothing's gonna happen if you exercise without controlling your eating habits.

So put your device down. Go offline. Suit up your cycling and rubber shoes. It's time to perspire, time to get rid of the holiday guilt.

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