Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jollibee Kids Club - Happyplus Card

Jollibee Kids Club (JKC) the biggest nationwide club for kids just launched the JKC Happyplus card, the first ever electronic wallet and rewards earning membership card for kids.

How does the JKC Happyplus card work?
  • Each card costs P100 (load not included) and is available in selected Jollibee stores for kids 12 years and below. It instantly entitles the bearer to a 3-year membership at the Jollibee Kids Club.
  • Once loaded, the card can be used by the JKC member to pay for any Jollibee treat. Every purchase corresponds to points earned:
o   P50 food purchase = 1 point = P1
o   Jollibee Kids Meal purchase = Double points
o   Earn points for attending JKC workshops. P50 ticket spend = 1 point = P1

*The card may be used for food purchases in Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking, and Red Ribbon.

The JKC Happyplus card is your access to JKC freebies and discounts. Here are as follows.
o   Coupon for 1 FREE vanilla twirl
o   P250 worth of discount coupons redeemable at Jollibee, Greenwich, Chowking and Red Ribbon
o   A chance to win up to P100,000 in the monthly raffle. Additional raffle entries can be earned for every reload:

Load of P100-200
1 raffle entry
Load of P300-400
5 raffle entries
Load of P500-900
10 raffle entries
Load of P1,000
25 raffle entries
In excess of P1,000, every P100
5 raffle entries

o   A chance to win one of 5 JKP GCs worth P6,000 in the monthly raffle. Additional raffle entries can be earned for every reload (same table above applies).

Go to your nearest Jollibee store now to get your very own JKC Happyplus card!

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