Sunday, July 20, 2014

Perils of a Food Blogger

Food Blogging can be one of the best jobs in the world. However, in the nature of things, it has its own drawbacks. Running for over two years, I have to say that I have experienced much of the pros and cons of maintaining a food blog. It's easy to pinpoint the benefits and so I am going to share to you the perils of a food blogger.

Being a food blogger is not as easy as it seems. Sure, all you have to do is eat and write about what you ate and in return you get free meals in fancy and cheap restaurants alike, you enjoy exclusive food samplings, you receive surprise birthday cakes and a whole lot more, but there is more to that. There is more to that.

When a food blog becomes a household term and gains high readership, restaurant public / media relations officers can become more demanding of the food blogger's time. Some also attempt to bribe you for a better post content. And in most cases, people stereotype: they believe that you know everything about food and whenever you fail to answer even just one of their never-ending questions, they give you impressions that you don't deserve to be a food blogger, moreover, the author of your recognized food blog.

Below are just five of the most striking perils most food bloggers carry on their shoulders.

Taking a picture of the food served on the table is a mandatory act for a food blogger. This is because our readers ought to see and know the presentation of a dish. Sounds easy? Think again. Many food places don't understand the need of pictures before meals, especially for food bloggers who come in guise for food review. A huge number of food places use up more half an hour for dish preparation. Really!

I remember when I was invited to an opening of a local brand of pizza. It took so much time for the dishes to be prepared. Media and bloggers were all starving. As soon as the food was served, the bloggers allocated more than ten minutes of the time just to comply the requirement of pictures.

Why do we food bloggers do it anyway? We do this because we feel a sense of service. This shoot service is to deliver pictures what our readers may have been missing.

People as we are, us food bloggers have personal favorites as well as dislikes. Unfortunately, whether we like a dish or not, we still have to eat it. Even if the food being served has the most unpleasant presentation or your allergy activator, we still have to try it for yourselves.

I remember when I went to Davao for a food sampling. Featured on the table was a cone of ice cream- a very peculiar cone of ice cream. It was made out of Durian and crocodile egg. Sounds absurd, right. Nonetheless, I finished the whole serving and boy was I the most appreciative customer in the town! I loved it! The taste was uniquely amazing! If I didn't try tasting the food, I would have the same bad impression of it until now.

Why do we food bloggers do it anyway? We do this because we cannot just make up descriptions of things we have not experienced for ourselves. We write for the truth and the benefit of our readers so we cannot lie, otherwise we'll gain bad reputation and earn less readership than before.

Whether at the start of a food blog or at its peak of readership, food bloggers still have to roll out personal cash to make reviews of reader-requested restaurants.

I remember when a bunch of avid readers flooded my inbox with requests to make a review of a newly opened restaurant I wasn't familiar with (cuisine issues). I was forced to visit the place. I was astound as to how wonderful the place was and the food, can't describe any further than astounding. After dining, I got the bill and all the more I was astound.

Why do we food bloggers do it anyway? We do this because by using our own money for the content of our blogs, we add more credibility to every post. Also, it makes us feel unobliged to promote a food place.

Eating has turned into a punishment for most calorie-conscious food bloggers. Although I'm not one of them, I have become concerned of my health because of my hobby of food blogging. I've grown fat since the day I opened foodiecraft and so I'm forced to exercise.

I remember when I attended Sooo Pinoy 2013, for three straight days, I had to dine at at least four restaurants a day. It was crazy! It made by arms, face and stomach bloat. It was at that point that I perceived food blogging as a life-threatening hobby.

Why do we food bloggers do it anyway? We do this because seeing our blog posts about food being a source of information and a reason for restaurant choice brings an unparalleled feeling of joy to our hearts. We can go fat not just with flabs but also our hearts.

How do you explain taste? How to you express appreciation, discouragement? Difficult? Imagine applying those tasks to food. All the more difficult to do. This is one of the challenges that food bloggers face when asked to make a food review. When we eat, we just don't eat. We feel what the food brings to our senses. We think of the the many cultures, the gender, the age that could try the food and relate to how it could be satisfying or not to their tastebuds and health.

I remember when I went to Bohol to try out the dishes of a well-appointed resort restaurant. Everything on the table was incredibly delicious. I had nothing bad to say. Even the location, decorations and service were exceptional. It became my instant favorite restaurant, in fact. Overwhelming true, I had to write just about everything good about the place. After publishing, I've received some comments that expressed doubts as to how come it as the first time that I really enjoyed everything in a restaurant. I had to explain that food places have their own surprises and it all can be understood in odd ways by anyone. I never thought also that their could be such perfect restaurant.

Why do we food bloggers do it anyway? We do this because we want to build a good online relationship with our readers / followers. We write fairly to keep this relationship strong.


  1. Thanks for creating this wonderful post. I love this :)

  2. It's safe to say that you speak for all food bloggers when upon making this post! I think as well, that it's very difficult (whether it be satisfying, filling, bland, stale, you name it!) to express how a certain food really tastes especially for someone such as myself who has a limited vocabulary. Simply saying that this food is good or bad does not justify how the flavors truly burst in your mouth. So I understand you when you say that it truly is tough to explain a taste, which is why I salute you for your continuous devotion in food blogging for the benefit of your readers and for tirelessly pursuing such passion. Cheers.

  3. When I read your post I really amazed. Thanks for this post.


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