Sunday, August 24, 2014

Five Things You Shouldn't Be Paying

Talking about food has somewhat turned into a punishment for me. This is because it does more harm than good, considering the calories I need to count and burn, the time I allot despite my very hectic schedule and most importantly, the money I need to spend at restaurants for the content of my blog.

All throughout the years, I have come to learn the plates worth the big bucks and the bites that waste our penny. Below are some of the things you ought not to be paying whether or not you're a food blogger.
  1. Wifi Many coffee shops and restaurants do not share their wifi passwords unless the customer pays for it. It shouldn't be. Though some customers tend to stay long in the place, there isn't much of a loss there. Customers who use wifi are most likely to update their social media accounts. They tweet what they're doing (eating), Fourquare where they are eating, Instagram what they're eating and Facebook their feelings about the place. That's free online promotion!
  2. Water This thing is naturally free which makes me think and rethink and rethink why some dessert/pastry shops charge it. I know that it's lucrative but come to think of it, if customers find the products overwhelmingly sweet and if they are too thrift to buy a bottle of water, they'd stop ordering. Worst, these customers, would, instead of planning to buy another serving of the shop's cupcake, find another dessert shop offering free water where they can freely quench their throats and continue delighting their sweet tooth.
  3. Extra Condiment Many of us just enjoy spicing up or mellowing down our food with sauces and small vegetable cuts. By this, we accentuate the taste of the food we dig as how our stomach would prefer it to be. Some diners just don't get the fact that so many customers come to their place because of the versatility of taste their condiments make their products. I know a ton of people who visit this particular fastfood chain just because of it's gravy. It's insane.
  4. Entrance at Food Expos For enterprises to widen their reach to potential customers, they participate in events such as food expositions. Ironically organizers of such events impose entrance fees to attendees. I absolutely don't see the point of doing so. Inside expos, samples of products and services are given with no charge but it looks more likely that there is an indirect payment to these 'free' tastes.
  5. Delivery Service I've seen the transition of pizza parlors delivering for free to charging buyers their gas expense. It's crazy. I think that delivery service should be free of charge since it's an assurance of profit and less work at the place (no labor in cleaning the tables and washing the utensils)

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