Sunday, September 7, 2014

Why I love Seafood

Seafood, as its name suggests, are any organisms from the sea regarded as food by humans. These are our salmons, oysters, mussels and octopods. I find these forms simply delectable but that is not the only reason why I love it.

Kuya J's Baked Scallops
Fishes, lobsters and seaweeds come from a different world, a secret vast expanse of salt water that our kind will never yield; it has witnessed the evolution of its fellow creatures and the unimaginable happenings under land.

Devouring food from the sea allows me to connect to the world; a world we have known by surface and shallow layers, a world that covers up nearly 75% of the Earth, a world even magic finds it as mystery, a world scientists, specifically marine biologists have been enthusiastically studying for generations.

It's just amazing how far and long seafood has lived under the sea and what it might have been before it became my food. Before my Calamari was served to me, it may have met the oldest living Turtle when it was still an octopus swerving in the sea. Before my Baked Scallops made it to my plate, it may have been sitting on the seabed beside the largest clam shell in the world, forming the largest pearl we have yet to discover when it was still a live shellfish in the sea. Before my bass was dressed and grilled in the kitchen, it may have been swimming together with its mother fish, or the most dangerous shark, or the most beautiful dolphin when it was still breathing in the sea.

We'll never know where these catch have been as much as we know where it has ended; our stomachs. And that's the beauty I find in seafood. That's the reason why I love it.

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