Friday, October 31, 2014

What Satiates the Gourmands of Cebu?

Of life's greatest pleasures, food ranks near the top. It comes in many tastes, textures, smells and presentations that is why it's difficult to decide which one is the best. I asked Cebuano gourmands that one over-all favorite food that never fails to satiate their stomachs and why.

Get ready to read mouth-watering dishes that may not be found in the city!

Chef Marleen Ong
Bicol Express! I love gata & chilli and theres a lot of variation in every part of the Philippines. Like in Bicol where the dish was originatedly came from. There version where all Bird Pepper ( the long fingerlike green chilli) & Gata that has been sauteed with a few minced pork.. Here in cebu i tried eating some of the variations like  they use the stem of the kankong & Bagiuo beans wc is still good cz it would not b as spicy as the original Bicol where they used all Bird Peppers.
-TinderBox Excecutive Chef Marleen Ong

Chicken Tikka Masala is my favorite Indian dish. It's chicken marinated with yogurt for twenty four hours. By that you can already picture how smooth, tender and creamy the chicken is right after it's pulled out of the oven with spices excitedly burns in your mouth. -Cafe Marco Executive Sous Chef Juanito Abangan

David Jones Cua

Foie Gras. It's how I treat myself for working hard and it's something I can't eat every day. Usually, I take the spread with cranberry jelly lightly toasted french bread with dried apricots on the side. But I really prefer it light pan-fried since the crunchy texture on the outside compliments the soft fatty texture inside. -Editor and Freelance Creative Director David Jones Cua

Pan Seared Salmon with Mushroom Risotto and Truffle Oil-Infused Spinach Medley, Topped with Crispy Bacon. It is my fave food because it simply melts in your mouth. The delicateness of the salmon paired with the tangy goodness of the mushroom risotto, just makes my day! Not to mention, the captivating aroma of the truffle oil with surely leave you speechless. -The Food Show host Mars Persia

Chef Johann Young
Definitely Fried chicken because it is very flexible when we talk about how it's going to taste like. It can be flavored to any spices available: hot, savory or caramelized. Any sauce can compliment its flavor and it's handy and portable. Bring a paper bag and some drums and wings in. The chicken breast part? Ideal for those who are in dieting or those who are into maintain-your-weight program.
-Cebu Finest food writer Philip Andrew Mayol

Prime rib roast with a side baked potatoes topped with sour cream n bacon and Yorkshire pudding tops my list of favorites.
-Cable Car restauratuer Johann Chiongbian Young

Alexis Yap
My favorite food for as long as I can remember has always been Kinilaw na Tangigue. I love how the flavors of the coconut milk and vinegar blend so well together & seep into the fish, and I love it even more when a few crushed chilis are added.
-What Paolo Eats blogger Paolo Berdin

Chinese Sweet and Sour is my favorite food. I like how the sweet and sour glaze makes an almost crystal-like coating outside the cut (be it chicken or pork) and creates a nice contrast to the succulent meat. The subtle flavor of sweet meets sour is just a perfect combination that compliments the meat. Not to mention, the pineapples, onions, and red and green bell peppers that not only provide more interesting and delicious flavors but also make the dish the mouth-watering eye candy that it truly is!
-Sunstar food columnist Alexis Yap

Jade Seducas

What i love is this food called "Crispy eggplant, crusted with caramelized chicken floss" . Its a menu in Yuan restaurant at Atlantis. Its very delicious and you wont expect that eggplant will have such tasty and impressive flavor. Its healthy too! -Creole Cakes owner Jade Saducas

The amount of skill and preparation it takes yet presents straightforward and flavorful dishes makes Japanese Cuisine my favorite.
-Resort PR and Marketing Brian Ong

How about you? What is your favorite food and why? I'd like to know. Drop your answers at the comments section below.

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