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In the spirit of advocating Filipino pride and collaboration, Bo's Coffee worked with start-ups, travel writers and artists for ORIGINS: A TRAVEL JOURNAL, a playbook that encapsulates the creativity of local talent and the beauty of our culture.

As the name suggests, the writing material is specially made for aspiring travelers and seasoned ones. Every section inspires its user to patronize our products and discover more of what our country has to offer through travel.

The journal measures 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 in size and 450 grams in weight. It uses paper that's tad thicker than a bond paper and has a matte texture.

The cover is a reusable jacket made out of authentic leather.

Its left side, for about an inch and a half is adorned with beautifully hand-woven fabric from Anthill.

A leather strap of thirty inches keeps the journal closed. It looks very nice but could be a little distraction when you write. You will have to clip it or roll it into a knot.

Embossed at the upper right corner of the front cover is the logo of Philippine Coffee Origins while at the lower right is the logo of Bo's Coffee.

The cover design of the insert mimics the look of its jacket. It measures 8 x 5 inches which is an easy-to-find paper size when you need to refill. All pages of this journal are in full color illustrations.

The stitching of the jacket is really clean. I like it!

The part where you place the front and back covers of the insert isn't too close to the bind which makes attaching and detaching the insert easy.


Let's start checking the pages of the insert. Ready?!

The first page greets the user with the name of the journal. A luggage tag sits at the bottom where information of the user can be written.

The next page presents a short message from Bo's Coffee founder Steve D. Benitez. The page beside it shows a map of the places where Bo's Coffee sources its beans.

The following spread is a list of pre-trip, during trip and post trip tips from Trail Adventours. It's insightful for those who have yet to experience travelling.

What's also nice about the pages of this journal is that it has quotes, pictures and stories related to traveling. There are also random questions that are reflective of the featured stories like this one.

The Homegrown Brew Challenge. Since the journal was created to encourage the user to travel, Bo’s Coffee selected 12 branches in the Philippines and issued a challenge for each one. If you complete a challenge, you get a reward. This is one of the things that make the journal totally different from the others. Customer engagement is a level higher.

The next page will show you a map of the 12 branches. Next to it is the user's passport where baristas will stamp when a challenge is completed.

The user of the journal will also get a pin with the name of the branch where he/she has completed the challenge.

Some pages are filled with beautiful sketches by Cebu-based illustrator Kenny Badana.

The travel journal enables its users to experience Philippine Coffee Origins locations- Sagada, Benguet, Mt. Matutum, Mt. Kitanglad, and Mt. Apo – by its flavor profile and through the experiences of travel writers Estan Cabigas, Jona Branzuela Bering and Johanna Michelle Lim.

Sagada Mountain Province by Johanna Michelle Lim

Benguet by Estan Conrad Cabigas

Mt. Kitanglad by Estan Conrad Cabigas

Mount Apo by Jona Branzuela Bering

Mt. Matutum by Estan Conrad Cabigas

Users of the travel journal will enjoy discounts from start-ups Trail Adventours, Culture Shock PH, Route +63, FlipTrip, Kawil Tours, Gouache, Bambike, ANTHILL Fabric Gallery, Risque Designs, Nipa Foods, Habi Footwear, Gugu, 22 Tango Records, Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm, Friggies, Olivia and Diego apart from Bo's Coffee food, beverage & merchandise.

More pages with random illustrations and profound questions.

More pages that promote local talent. What music to you listen when on-the-road? Do your ears a favor. Listen to 22Tango Records.

How much do you  know your country? This spread boasts 10 insightful facts about PH brought to you by FlipTrip.

More quotes.

More discount coupons.

There are over 120 blank pages to scribble, glue pictures and jot notes on. There are no dates and calendars which doesn't limit the user from writing something long. Also, the user can use the travel journal time he/she wants. Use it this year, next year, or next next year, you are the traveler, be the master of your time and take time.

This spread of the journal lists the 16 social enterprises that Bo's Coffee has partnered with to strengthen the impact of its advocacy to the Origins travel journal users. Description and contact details are also mentioned there.The contributors are also introduced in this spread.

This second-to-the-last page is going to be very helpful to both new and old travelers. It's a checklist on what to pack in a particular bag or on a particular travel.

The following pages features a list of Bo's Coffee branches in the different parts of the country. The last page is a map of the Philippines with white circles. It is a visual bucket list of where the user will travel next.

How can you get Bo's Coffee ORIGINS: A TRAVEL JOURNAL? Simple! Visit any Bo's Coffee branch and purchase it for Php1000.00 only! Say good bye to sticker collection!

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