Saturday, August 15, 2015

CraftDawgs : A New Breed of Hotdogs

Staunch hot dog-eaters are in for a surprise as CraftDawgs opens its first branch today.

Craft-what? CraftDawgs. It's a different kind of sandwich that brings a whole new experience to your afternoon snack, movie marathons and whatever activity you find more enjoyable with a sandwich. 

So what exactly differentiates CraftDawgs to hot dogs? By definition, a hot dog is a cooked meat roll or sausage, served in a sliced bun. It is usually eaten with catsup to add more taste. A CraftDawg on the other hand is a variation of ingredients in a bun.

The variation is the key to what makes CraftDawg's taste and presentation apart from the rest of the sandwich spots in the metro. Select from seven kinds of CraftDawgs namely Katsu, Chili, Teriyummy, O.G. Dawg, B.L.T., BaMM Chili and regular. These are the ingredients that significantly add flavor and aroma to the whole sandwich.

The seven selections are not meat rolls coated with random concoctions. The chili for instance is in sauce form. Would you believe that the Dawg chili is made up of 15 spices? Amazing, right?

The usual hot dog doesn't have toppings. CraftDawgs meanwhile are topped with different vegetable cuts that amplifies the flavor of the sandwich.

Fries are also available to complement your CraftDawg.

Like regular hot dogs, a CraftDawg can be enjoyed with condiments. I personally won't recommend you to add since the CraftDawg in itself tastes great. But if you're one who just enjoys enjoys sandwich with different sauces, you're in for another surprise. The condiments at CraftDawgs, are the ones that you'll find in legitimate US diners.There are also bottles that are proud quality pinoy products.

Katsu Dawg is Panko-dipped dawg on bed of cabbage with sesame seed dressing topped with Japanese mayo, Katsu sauce and spring onions.

Chili Dawg is a bacon wrapped hotdog topped with potato crisps, chili dawg sauce, cheese sauce and onions.

CraftDawgs is located at Level 3 Ayala Center Cebu (near Chatime). Ayala Center Cebu is located at Cebu Business Park, Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City 6000, Metro Cebu, Cardinal Rosales Ave, Cebu City, Cebu.


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