Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Pantry: Bread, Dessert, and Meat for Everybody

Regard yourself being in France without going out of the country. Experience sweet and meaty pleasures under an atmosphere as homey as the Philippines but served with a European fare.

The Pantry is best described that way. It is a small store, but a dreamland for people who love sandwiches, desserts and meats. It has a teeming line of such foods where each costumer can mix and match whatever is found at the counter.

Everybody is welcome at The Pantry. Whenever one opens its door, three worlds seem to be at sight- each inducing the guest to visit them.

The Sandwich Section
Cebu is not the venue for passionate sandwich munchers but with The Pantry, you can say it could be. Imagine supple breads housing tender slices of delis and the freshest greens, crowned with your favorite dressing: all of these are found at the Sandwich Section.

The Pantry is a haven for creative foodies. For sandwich testers, go on and splurge yourself in their wide array of breads and a bountiful selection of vegetables to pair on. There is no perfect formula for the best sandwich. Just squeeze your creative juices to concoct what suits for you. If you're not in for making one, no hassle! The crew will do it for you! They will serve their best-tasting sandwiches inspired by the flavors of the west.

Enjoy their best-sellers like Dmitri Sandwhich, flavorful hams mimicking the taste of first-class meat with moist cabbage, low-fat cheese and some fresh tomatoes. Looks simple but tastes adventurous!

There are varied breads in the store. Breads which you thought never existed! Really! Soft, round ones, elongated, flat, with meat inside, with cheese. Everything!

The organic produce of the The Pantry is grown pesticide-free from small farms owned by the store itself; assuring you that what they use is safe, clean and most of all healthy.

The Sweet Corner
Searching for something sweet? Go straight to the Sweet Corner! They have cakes, ice creams, cookies and many other treats a child and a child-at-heart would crave for everyday. The assortments of sweets in this place will surely challenge your sweet tooth!

Man! You'll forget what it's like to be hungry! Utterly enticing desserts will surround you when you're inside the store. Colorful, mouth-watering cakes are on display as the tempting cookies await for your glimpse and the cans of ice creams they call Fruits in Ice Cream chill inside the freezer for its goodness to last. Junk foods and cool beverages are available too.

Thinking of ordering your dream cake? Describe it and they will make it! Whatever occasion it is for, your cake will perfectly match because The Pantry's cook will design and bake it the way you want it to be!

Tasting a scoop of Fruits in Ice Cream is nothing less than drinking a glass of milk. It is proven to be healthy because of its ingredients. So kids, you're running out of excuses on not drinking a glass of milk everyday.

The Meat Deck
Most of us are staunch meat eaters with no desire to switch to the vegetarian side. The Pantry knows this well and so, they made a section of the store where meat-lovers can go straight.

Interesting display of meat selections from which you could buy for your sandwich at the Sandwich Section or for your own cooking experience at home has its lights open for you. 

The meats served to the costumers are fresh from Netherlands. The Pantry only uses exclusive free range chicken and grass-fed beef to compliment their client's request.

This part of the store is inspired by the owner's hubby's ambition- to be a butcher. It seems to me that he has lived up his dream through The Pantry.

The Owner Speaks
Let's hear it straight from Monalisa Del Gallego-Jarque, the woman who first conceptualized the fusing of the world of Breads, Desserts, and Meats -realizing The Pantry.

How did The Pantry began?
My hubby and I thought of starting up a business that would be unique. We looked up to something that is homey and would serve delicious, healthy, and surprisingly affordable prices to the masses.

My hubby aspires to be a butcher so we made a meat section in the store. On the other hand, I aspire to be a baker. I wanna make and decorate cakes so that's how the dessert section came to be.

Since we have a cattle at Netherlands, we produce our own meats and beefs and made its own counter in the store as well.

Who thought about the setting?
My hubby has a childhood friend who is an interior designer. She is the wife of my close friend. She helped us on making divisions and designing the setting.

We thought of giving each corner of the store different characters. Our designer friend thought of shabby-sheek. We all merged the ideas that came out.

What makes the pantry different?
It is the only place in Cebu that offers a whole line of sandwiches inspired by the flavors of the west. Everything in the menu is something new because it is original and made out of the best ingredients there can be in the market today. The best thing is that there is always something for you here at The Pantry.

The Pantry is located at The Gallery Strip Mall, Juan Luna Avenue, Mabolo, Cebu City. For inquiries or deliveries you may contact them at 268-93-00. Check out their Facebook page here.

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