Foodie Craft - Food, Eating and Everything in Between covers anything that is about fulfilling a person's food cravings and discovering unfamiliar food spots.

It mainly aims to impart to everyone who wants to check out food reviews and recommendations online, the information they need the most.

It does not limit to food places. It tackles food products sold in sachets, packs, boxes and others. All of the shared information are original and not influenced by any form of payment.

Constantly check out this food blog as the author pursues in finding the best food-places in Cebu and the rest of the world.

The inception of this blog is reasoned by the passion to share factual issues, experience-based comments and objective suggestions among others.

Taste cannot be dictated. What is delicious to me may not be delicious to you. Commonly, personal matters influence the food and drink sense of a critic. Differ me. I am objective at all times. I am one finicky gourmand so please be open-minded as you skim along my posts.

If you you will like my blog or you already like it, thank you and congratulations. Let's be friends!

If you will not or do not like my blog for reasons I will probably know or not know at all, I'm fine with it. No hard feelings. I won't mind you revisiting but if your sole aim is to envy and find ways to destroy my work or so, please think again. I made this blog not to impress nor entertain you. It can run without you.

If you admire my blog or me or better yet, both, may that admiration be a drive for you to share my work to others or make a blog of your own. Don't turn it to jelousy or envy-a push that will urge you in the short run to treat me and my blog unethically.

I'm not the best food blogger in the world. So:
  • don't expect that I know everything about food and drinks
  • don't judge my way of evaluating things
  •  I will post what I want to post for the purpose of being true.
  • suggest, correct, comment in a civil way. Don't flood rants and raves in my comments section and inbox.

Two circumstances of harsh post-commenting spur me to write this section. I hope that there won't be a third.

I don't want this section to end with hostility so let me just say, enjoy the rest of what Foodie Craft can offer and let's all eat happily!

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