Knowing the author of a food blog is the key to understanding what type of dining the blog favors and despises.  So in this section, I have added some descriptions of me that’ll give you a hint as to what kind of person I am.

Mary Angeli

25 Years old
Cebu, Philippines

Motto: Live without regrets

gourmand | sports buff | artist


wine - soft drink
shake - milk
salad - soup
beef - fish
pasta - cake
coffee - alcohol
shoulder bag - backpack
RomCom - Horror
rubber shoes - heels
road trips - night parties
80s & 90s music - Pop & EDM


Star Wars
Ping Pong
Celine Dion
Josh Groban
Ready Player One
Peter Pan 2003 Film
Ellen De Generes Show
Sebastian Vettel-Redbull
Harry Potter Movie Series

I can't leave the house without

1. Toothbrush
2. Money
3. Phone
4. Pen
5. ID 

  • I love sports so much I probably wouldn’t marry someone who doesn’t love it too.
  • My ultimate dream is to become a racecar driver, pilot, farmer or soldier.
  • I'm outdoorsy. I literally feel sick if I can't go out of the house even for an hour a day.
  • I prefer shopping alone. No unsolicited advice, no pressure, no time constraints. My time. My Choice.
  • When I was a kid, I wanted to live in a Bahay Kubo set in the Netherlands. Fresh greens for meals, scenic views always at sight.
  • I’m a morning person and to me, everyday is always a Monday. I love it!
  • Black is my faveee color because it’s so corporate, so formal, so glamorous, so strong, so fine, so me.
  • My type of music is not today's hits. I listen to the ones with deep, sappy meanings. "If You're Not The One" by Daniel Bedingfield and "At the Beginning with You" by Richard Marx to name a few.
  • I abhor Mathematics.
  • I love squash and potatoes so much!
  • I’m a frustrated singer like many people. I sing anyway.
  • People say that I am wiser than my years and that I sound and act mature. 
  • Before writing for, I always wanted to put up a sports blog.
  • I am very liberated. I don't care what people think. I do what I want to. I actually wore my PJs in a mall once.
  • I usually don't take pictures of significant events in my life because I think it's a waste of time. Yes, even if it's just a few seconds. I sink in moments. Uninterruptedly.
  • I sometimes become over protective to my family and friends. Break their hearts, I'll break your face.
  • I'm a HUGE fan of Formula One.
  • I name my flash drives after the people I look up to.
  • I don't know how to apply make-up on my face or any other people's faces for that matter.
  • Building gunplas is one of my hobbies. I enjoy basking in the sense of fulfillment it offers when I'm ready to display my new toy.
  • Five heavy meals in a day is a given for me.
  • Playing cards, boardgames and Pinoy street games are one of my fetish. Uno, anyone?
  • Many people define me neat. I never leave my office station unkempt, bedroom messy or bag contents cluttered.
  • I am old school. I like flowers, real dates, love letters and long witty conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a place you always wanted to visit for food?
Europe. In particular, Paris, France. It's probably part of every foodie's bucket list.

Why aren't there any advertisements in this blog?
I don't want to commercialize my this blog and I don't want ads to annoy you.

Why aren't you getting fat?
I always find time to play table tennis and other sports with my buddies.

What's the secret to getting free food?
Stay close to your friends' parents. And do a lot of sleepovers. At night, raid the fridge.

How are you able to try every dish in every food event?
I eat a little bit of everything. When I've tried everything, I start devouring more of dishes that I like.

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  1. I love your blog ate angeli~ ♥
    Recently just started out mine~ :3



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