Apart from the usual posts, enjoy these NEW features that I will be sharing!

As a student with only one subject this semester, my parents figured to give me a tight allowance of Php100.00. What kind of food can I actually buy worth less than a hundred bucks? Where? How? With the economy crawling and price tags inflating, can you still even buy something that'll leave your stomach full with such a limited amount of money? If yes, where? Here at 100 Challenge, students and employees alike will figure out the places and prices of good food in the metro..

Let's talk about food! Yes, we're already talking about food but how about it a different way? A way in which you get to hear my voice and the voice of people who can contribute to sensible food conversation? Here at Voice Box, you'll find humor, wit and ideas about food whether you are on a treadmill, tilling the garden, or sitting alone in a coffee shop.

Rarely do we pay attrition to the people who work hard to satisfy our cravings. This feature addresses the need to acknowledge a cook, fishmonger, cafeteria staff, or a soft drink chemist. Here you'll find details as to what made that individual an exemplary foodie and a one-on-one interview with yours truly. If you have someone in mind, let me know through the contacts page. If accepted, you will be acknowledged for any form of contribution.

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